Request for Proposals: Stream Restoration at Little Auglaize Wildlife Reserve

The Black Swamp Conservancy (the “Conservancy”) is soliciting proposals for a Contractor to manage and implement all aspects (including design, engineering, permits, construction, and planting) of a design-build stream restoration project on the 226-acre Little Auglaize Wildlife Reserve, in Washington Township, Paulding County, Ohio.

A 2,000 linear foot intermittent tributary flows through the preserve and into the Little Auglaize River. For the first 1,000 feet, the tributary is an agricultural ditch as it runs through early successional woods. The final 1,000 feet flow through mature riparian oak-hickory woods, and have a more natural meandering manner and connected floodplain. The Conservancy’s goals for this project are to increase nutrient uptake, reduce sedimentation and erosion, increase floodplain connection, and improve stream habitat. To achieve these goals the selected Contractor will design and implement these restoration tasks:

1) Convert the 1,000 feet of ditch to a meandering stream with floodplain benches;   

2) If the budget allows, stabilize the tributary’s lower 1,000 feet where cutting action has begun to affect the banks.

The selected contractor or team of contractors (collectively “Contractor”) shall furnish all necessary drawings, plans, labor, materials, equipment and incidentals to complete the Project scope of services as described and defined in the “Stream Restoration at Little Auglaize Wildlife Reserve Request for Proposals.”

The Contractor must be able to demonstrate the successful completion of at least four (4) stream restoration projects, preferably but not mandatorily within the Western Lake Erie Basin, to be eligible to submit proposals.  

Questions about the RFP or Project must be emailed to Melanie Coulter at [email protected] and received by September 14, 2023. On September 7 and September 15, the Conservancy will distribute our responses to all firms that have expressed an interest in submitting a proposal.

All firms interested in submitting a proposal and being included on the question and response distribution list should notify Melanie Coulter by email at [email protected].

Submissions must be received no later than 4:00 pm on September 19, 2023.  Proposals received after this date will not be accepted.  The Conservancy expects to award the contract by the first week of October.  Work will commence after the successful execution of a contract for services between the Contractor and the Conservancy.