Request for Proposals: Howard Island Feasibility Study

The Black Swamp Conservancy (the “Conservancy”) is soliciting proposals for a Contractor to conduct a feasibility study on nutrient reduction and fish passage opportunities on Howard Island.

Howard Island is a 9-acre island in the Maumee River at Grand Rapids, Ohio. This is one of the few remaining Maumee River Islands in private ownership. The Grand Rapids and Providence dam lies on either side of the island, with footers and some hardened shoreline installed on the property. The Conservancy holds fee title to Howard Island and is seeking a consultant to conduct a two-part feasibility study on opportunities for a) nutrient reduction and b) fish passage on and/or around the island.

The ideal contractor will conduct both the nutrient reduction and fish passage components of the study, allowing for easy consideration of how options to achieve nutrient reduction goals and fish passage goals may impact one another. However, we are also open to proposals from firms bidding on one part of the study (nutrient reduction or fish passage). In this case, the Conservancy will consider hiring two contractors and serving in a coordination role between them.

The contractor or team of contractors (collectively “Contractor”) shall furnish necessary research tools, plans, labor, facilities, materials, and equipment to complete the Project scope of services.

The Contractor must be able to demonstrate the successful completion of at least four nutrient reduction studies greater than $10,000 and one fish passage study of any contract amount, preferably but not mandatorily within the Western Lake Erie Basin, to be eligible to submit proposals.

Questions about the RFP or Project must be emailed to Rob Krain at [email protected] (no phone calls) and received by August 3, 2023. Not later than August 9th, the Conservancy will distribute all questions received and its responses to those questions to all firms that have expressed an interest in submitting a proposal. All firms interested in submitting a proposal and/or being included on the question and response distribution list should notify Rob Krain by email at [email protected]

If the Contractor’s proposal is larger than 10 MB in size it may not be received by the Conservancy’s email system. Proposals larger than 10 MB in size may be emailed via a large file transfer service or they may be mailed to the Conservancy at P.O. Box 332, Perrysburg, OH 43552-0332.

Submissions, including submissions that are mailed or shipped to the above P.O. Box, must be received no later than 4:00 pm on August 16th. Proposals received after this date will not be accepted. The Conservancy expects to award the contract in early September. Work will commence after successful execution of a contract for services between the Contractor and the Conservancy.