Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species on Conservancy Properties

Black Swamp Conservancy protects more than 19,000 acres on 145 properties in Northwest Ohio.

The diverse habitats we protect are also home to more than 60 rare, threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna, a few of which are highlighted on the chart below.

Biodiversity is in crisis worldwide, and habitat loss is the biggest threat to the plants, animals and other biota that make up life on this planet. In Ohio, more than 90% of our pre-European settlement wetlands have been destroyed, including most of western Lake Erie’s extensive wetlands and the Great Black Swamp.

The Conservancy works in partnership with federal, state and local agencies to mitigate factors that contribute to habitat loss threatening biodiversity in this region. These efforts include management of invasive species, pollution control, protection from development, and reforestation.