Howard Island

Located in the Maumee River at Grand Rapids, Ohio

Howard Island is a 9-acre island in the Maumee River at Grand Rapids, Ohio. Visitors to the village of Grand Rapids and Mary Jane Thurston State Park are familiar with the view of Howard Island. It is in the center of the river, connected to both shores and to smaller Buttonwood Island by low-head dams. It is the cherished sunset view for people in the village walking along the towpath trail between a side-cut canal and the Maumee River.

Initial surveys of the island have identified an active Bald Eagle nest, populations of federally endangered mussels, and glacial grooves extending from the island out into the Maumee River.

The island is closed to public access except for guided tours. Check out our events page for upcoming opportunities, or contact the office to arrange a tour for your group.