Forrest Woods Nature Preserve / Forder Bridge River Access Site

Located in Paulding County, near Cecil

At 393 acres, Forrest Woods Nature Preserve is The Conservancy’s largest owned nature preserve. One of the finest remnants of the historic Great Black Swamp, this site is home to 39 rare, threatened and endangered species of plants and animals.

Our team has completed several stream and wetland restoration projects at Forrest Woods since 2016, re-creating 145 acres of natural habitat and returning nearly a mile of agricultural ditches back to functioning streams.

Forder’s Bridge is an official public access point for the Maumee River Water Trail. More information on the trail can be found here. The remainder of this property is open to the public by permit only. Contact Melanie Coulter for permission to visit Forrest Woods.

Property information: Species Inventory

This Chronolog time-lapse looks out on a wetland restoration that was completed in 2021 and will document its development.