Planting begins at the Homestead

Slowed by spring rains, but undeterred

Our Food & Farm Initiative’s first farm is coming to life, and it’s an experience reflective of all the other farmers in northwest Ohio this spring.

The first plants of Mike Schiewer’s Herbaceous Ltd. farm are in the ground at the 2/3 acre plot near the Conservancy Homestead. This spring’s frequent and heavy rains have delayed a full tilling of the land, but Schiewer has had success using a gas-powered hand tiller. And because many of the plants were started in his greenhouse, they got a head start before they went into the ground.

So far he has planted lemon verbena, lemon balm, sage and mojito mint, and several other plants are waiting in the wings for their chance to get into the ground. As the ground continues to dry out, he has gotten his larger tiller in to prepare the rest of the property more quickly. In the meantime, he has laid an irrigation trench, so he’s ready for the hot, sunny, dry times that are bound to come with the start of summer.

Established in 2018, the Black Swamp Food & Farm Initiative matches sustainable farmers with land access and mentoring, in the effort to improve the availability of locally grown food. If you have a property you’d like to sell, or if you’re interested in becoming a farmer, contact the Conservancy at [email protected], or at 419-833-1025.