Ensuring Conservation Permanence

As stewards for more than 150 properties totaling nearly 20,000 acres, our staff and dedicated volunteers spend a lot of time in the field.

We visit each of our properties at least once every year to monitor the conservation agreement. During these visits, we talk with the landowner about their land management goals, address any concerns that they or we have, and share updates. Then we walk the boundaries of the property and visit the major features to monitor conservation values and identify any threats or changes.

The bulk of these visits happen in the fall and early winter as field crops are harvested, trees shed their leaves and lines of sight are improved.

As we gear up for our 2021 year-end monitoring season, we look forward to visiting the many unique and special properties the Conservancy has preserved across northwest Ohio and re-connecting with the forward-thinking landowners who chose to protect them for the benefit of future generations.