Black Swamp Audubon Preserve – A Cozy Refuge

Black Swamp Audubon PreserveIn Paulding County, the upper Maumee River is a ribbon that unrolls in lazy loops across flat, mostly rural land. A 73-acre parcel called Black Swamp Audubon Preserve is nestled in one of the loops, with the Maumee forming borders on both the east and west sides of the reserve. The property has been protected by Black Swamp Conservancy since 2009.

Caretakers of the land have been conscientious stewards since it was first owned by a local chapter of the National Audubon Society. Owners since then have maintained wetland and prairies and continue to make habitat and water quality improvements.
The Black Swamp Audubon Preserve is also close to other important natural habitats, including Forrest Woods Nature Preserve and the Dunakin Wildlife Sanctuary.

When natural areas are linked in this way, the benefits to wildlife and to healthy soil and water are magnified. Animals aren’t competing for resources as much. New generations can enlarge their territory or establish new homes. When woods and prairies near waterways remain healthy and undisturbed, excess nutrients are taken up by plants and filtered through the soil, helping to reduce loading to Lake Erie that feeds harmful algal blooms.

At the Conservancy, we are proud to ensure the perpetual conservation of the Black Swamp Audubon Preserve. It will never be developed, and we will watch over and defend it as natural habitat forever.