Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species on Conservancy Properties

Black Swamp Conservancy protects more than 19,000 acres on 145 properties in Northwest Ohio. The diverse habitats we protect are also home to more than 60 rare, threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna, a few of which are highlighted on the chart below.

H2Ohio Update

H2Ohio, a new environmental program recently established by the state, aims to change all that. The centerpiece of this program is a fund – approximately $900 million – that will help address critical water quality needs and support innovative solutions to some of the state’s most pressing water challenges over the next 10 years.

A Year of Growth and Learning

This past spring, Michael Schiewer of Herbaceous, ltd. – the first participant in our Food & Farm Initiative – began operations on Conservancy land. As the winds begin to chill […]

Preserving Farmland for the Future

Land trusts like Black Swamp Conservancy partner with the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Office of Farmland Preservation and landowners to establish agricultural easements that keep farmland under private ownership and protect it against future non‐agricultural development.

Counting Dragonflies

With more than 164 species identified in Ohio alone, dragonflies and damselflies are an important indicator of the health of our wetlands and water. The Ohio Dragonfly Project, a joint […]

Forrest Riverland Restoration to Begin

Construction is set to begin this month to create streamside forests and wetlands on a 48-acre site along the Maumee River in Paulding County, which is part of Forrest Woods […]

Planting begins at the Homestead

Slowed by spring rains, but undeterred Our Food & Farm Initiative’s first farm is coming to life, and it’s an experience reflective of all the other farmers in northwest Ohio […]

An Absolute Harbinger of Spring

Wild Trillium Common in Great Black Swamp Habitat By Rick BarricklowCertainly, one of my favorite Oak Openings Region spring ephemerals, is the Large-flowered Trillium. It will flower, produce seeds and […]