We’ve Set a New Standard – 17,000 Acres

While our work is never about the size of things, 17,000 acres is a really impressive amount of space. We’re proud that, with the help of forward-thinking landowners, we are now protecting 17,000 acres of land in northwest Ohio – forever. Our protected areas represent some of northwest Ohio’s finest natural habitats and working lands, and are vital to protecting Clean Water, Good Food & Wild Places in our region.

Since Black Swamp Conservancy was established 25 years ago, we have been focused on protecting properties that support our most critical land and water resources.

Our journey to 17,000 acres has led us to many incredible places and experiences, and we’re taking this occasion (and our 25th anniversary year of 2018) to highlight some of these special places. Watch our social media pages for updates, and to contribute your own memories (with the hashtag #myfavoriteacre) to the conversation.