Story Trail Program Returns

Five area locations for 2019 program

Get outside with your kids - or your friends - or by yourself - and walk in a beautiful setting while you’re reading a book! Black Swamp Conservancy is bringing back our Story Trail program for the summer, with events in five locations this year.

The program is based on the StoryWalk® program, which promotes literacy, physical activity and community involvement. A book is taken apart and mounted on panels that are posted along a walking trail or path. Guests not only read the book, but also have activities to complete along the way. By the end of the Story Trail, you have read a book, taken a walk and completed activities together.

Books selected for the 2019 Story Trail program include:

“Over and Under the Pond,” by Kate Messner (co-sponsored by Pemberville Library).

“A Nest is Noisy,” by Dianna Hutts Aston

“Flowers are Calling,” by Rita Gray

Story Trail books will be rotated at five different locations throughout the summer: 577 Foundation, Perrysburg (from July 1 through September 10), Sandusky County’s Creek Bend Park, Lindsey (from July 8 through August 12), Bowling Green City Park’s Wintergarden Woods (from July 1 through September 15), Wood County Park District’s Sawyer Quarry, Perrysburg (from August 13 through September 27), and Sugar Ridge Prairie, Pemberville (September 10 - 27).

In addition, the Conservancy is partnering with Pemberville Library to host a Story Trail of the book “Mousetronaut,” by Mark Kelly. The book will be posted through the trail at Sugar Ridge Prairie (next to the Conservancy’s Homestead at 4825 Sugar Ridge Rd.) during the week of July 8.

Visit the events page of the Conservancy website (, or the events listings on the Conservancy’s Facebook page (@Black Swamp Conservancy) for details of all the Story Trails this summer. The project is funded by a grant from the Seed-to-the-Sower Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation.

More about our books

Flowers Are Calling

This book shows us the marvel of natural cooperation between plants, animals, and insects as they each play their part in the forest's cycle of life. Learn more about the book, and its discussion of pollination and pollinators, with these links:

WouldYouBelieve Information about flowers as pollinators. Learn more about pollinators for your area at

A description of the book and its author and illustrator.

This book as part of a spiritual journey.

A Nest is Noisy

From the award-winning creators of A Seed Is Sleepy (one of last year's Story Trail books) and others, comes this gorgeous and informative look at the fascinating world of nests, from those of tiny bee hummingbirds to those of orangutans high in the rainforest canopy. This carefully researched book introduces children to a captivating array of nest facts and will spark the imaginations of children of all ages. Learn more about this book and its topics:

Animals & Nests The beautiful illustrations of the book depicting nests and the animals using them.

Information about author Dianna Hutts Aston.

Family activities related to the book, from Reading Is Fundamental.

Over & Under the Pond

Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal bring to life a secret underwater world. In this book, readers discover the plants and animals that make up the rich, interconnected ecosystem of a mountain pond. Over the pond, the water is a mirror, reflecting the sky. But under the pond is a hidden world of minnows darting, beavers diving, tadpoles growing. These and many other secrets are waiting to be discovered...over and under the pond.

About The Animals Details about many of the animals living above and below the pond.

Information about the author, Kate Messner.

Family activities related to the book, from Reading Is Fundamental.


Mousetronaut tells the story of a small mouse that wants nothing more than to travel to outer space. The little mouse works as hard as the bigger mice to show readiness for the mission . . . and is chosen for the flight!

Astronaut and Author Mark Kelly flew with “mice-tronauts” on his first spaceflight aboard space shuttle Endeavour in 2001.

For more information about this book:

A description of the author, Mark Kelly, and the book's start.