New Nature Photography Exhibit The Great Black Swamp

“The Great Black Swamp,” an exhibit assembled by Black Swamp Conservancy, will debut at the National Center for Nature Photography at Secor Metropark on September 8th.

The exhibit, which will run through November, features 35 images telling the story of northwest Ohio’s landscape and wildlife – from its pre-European settlement wild origins, to its current condition and looking onward to how the Swamp’s revival might be the key to protecting our region’s water supply.

This exhibit features photographs by local photographers Art Weber, Brian Zwiebel, Michael Basista, Andrew Cole and others.  It also includes a new map of the historic swamp created by designer Margo Puffenberger.

A reception at the gallery is being planned for the evening of Friday, October 13th. Save the date!

The exhibit was made possible with generous support from the Reed Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation