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Wanted: Nature Enthusiasts to Lend a Helping Hand featured image

Wanted: Nature Enthusiasts to Lend a Helping Hand

Visiting each of our protected properties at least once a year is part of the promise we make to our landowners. We do this to ensure that the agricultural lands are still being farmed, the woods and forests are still standing, and the wetlands…well, that they are still wet. With almost 16,000 acres, and well […]

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The Start of a Ten Year Test featured image

The Start of a Ten Year Test

Black Swamp Conservancy is doing its part to improve local water quality by undertaking stream, floodplain, and wetland restoration projects on Conservancy owned lands. These projects will restore native ecosystems around northwest Ohio’s waterways and help address the harmful algal bloom occurrences in Lake Erie. To determine the effectiveness of these restoration projects, water quality […]

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Local Land Named “MVW” featured image

Local Land Named “MVW”

Black Swamp Conservancy’s Forrest Woods Nature Preserve was recently named the Society of Wetland Scientists first ever Most Valuable Wetland as part of their “Wetland Treasure” program. The program features and highlights wetlands that exhibit exemplary function and service. The mission of the Society of Wetland Scientists is to promote understanding, conservation, scientifically based management, and sustainable […]

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Old Growth Forests featured image

Old Growth Forests

Many authors occupy space upon my shelves. Wendell Berry has moved my heart, but Joan Maloof has moved my feet. After reading Maloof’s “Among the Ancients” I had to go see the last remains of our Old-Growth Forests: Cathedral Woods West Virginia, George Washington National Forest in Virginia, Cook Forest Pennsylvania, Congaree National Park in […]

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A Sure Sign of Spring featured image

A Sure Sign of Spring

There are many signs of spring. Skunk cabbage peeking through the ground… The raspy call of chorus frogs… The influx of seed catalogs in your mailbox… Here at the Conservancy Homestead, spring has arrived when we begin to see the regal Great Blue Heron soaring past the office windows into the heart of Bell Woods. […]

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Taking Dad’s Words to Heart featured image

Taking Dad’s Words to Heart

This past week, Dave Lucius had the advice of his father in mind when he took the step to permanently protect his 109 acre Seneca County farm – something he’s been working towards for some time. Dave, along with his wife Mary Jane, first heard about Black Swamp Conservancy and the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s […]

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Inspired By Love featured image

Inspired By Love

There are a lot of good reasons for preserving farmland – food security, jobs… they aren’t making any more of it. But for Sandusky County farmer Judy Mauch, her reasons are much closer to her heart – her parents Chet and Betty. Chet Mauch was raised on an 80-acre farm just outside of Fremont, and […]

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We Think You’re Kind of a Big Deal featured image

We Think You’re Kind of a Big Deal

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can’t say it enough. Our dedicated volunteers came through in a big way, and helped to make 2015 a huge year for Black Swamp Conservancy. If you think we’re exaggerating, look at these numbers from last year: Number of volunteer opportunities = 21 Number of hours spent by […]

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A New Place to Fish and Explore featured image

A New Place to Fish and Explore

Soon there will be a new public park in northwest Ohio where you and your family can explore nature trails, fish along a pier or even launch your canoe for a day on the river. But that’s not all… This new park, located along the Sandusky River just east of Fremont, provides more than just […]

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Black Swamp Conservancy Hosts Farmland Preservation Meetings featured image

Black Swamp Conservancy Hosts Farmland Preservation Meetings

Black Swamp Conservancy will host two public informational seminars on farmland preservation. The first meeting will be at the W.W. Knight Preserve on December 10 and the second at the Black Swamp Conservancy Office on December 15. Both meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. The Conservancy will present information about farmland preservation and Ohio’s Local Agricultural […]

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