A Proper Entrance

Sometimes the best places are the hardest to access. The Conservancy’s 78-acre Redhorse Bend property in Fremont features 16 acres of forest and wetlands, along with 66 acres of farmland and just under a mile of stream channel on the main stem of the Sandusky River. A management plan has been developed to return the farmland to a more natural state and donate it to Sandusky County Park District in order to improve community access to the river.

But, the only way to reach the property has been around and through an industrial park and through several gated areas. In addition to its being a circuitous route, you are likely to encounter many trucks along the way into the property. Safety has been a concern in using this entrance.

That has changed with the generous gift of a 15-acre property from the Kraft Heinz Company. Not only is this property immediately adjacent to the Redhorse property, but it also features an established bluebird nesting trail maintained by our friend Tom Kashmer. The plans are to make this an official entrance with a parking lot, which will make accessing the river (and fishing) much easier.