A New Place to Fish and Explore

Soon there will be a new public park in northwest Ohio where you and your family can explore nature trails, fish along a pier or even launch your canoe for a day on the river. But that’s not all…

This new park, located along the Sandusky River just east of Fremont, provides more than just an outdoor experience for our local community – it is an important piece to solving our local water crisis.

Black Swamp Conservancy is now working with the Army Corps of Engineers to perform a feasibility study on this 78-acre property, purchased by the Conservancy earlier this year. Plans for this bottomland field include restoring wetlands, foresting uplands, in-stream fish habitat improvements, walking trails, public fishing and boating access.

By restoring much of this streamside land back into wetland habitat, the property will work as a natural water filter capturing floodwater from the river, as well as runoff from nearby lands and treating it before releasing it back into the system.

Funding for this project is provided by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative with matching funds secured through a grant from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund.